Virtual Workshop

Raffles University Fashion House (Fashion Design Student Club) participated in a virtual workshop to interact with secondary school student. The students were actually the hosts of the workshop. They had to introduce the Fashion House, introduce paper art, live demonstrating the Fashion Angpao, share their study experience at Raffles University and engage with the participants.

What is Fashion House?

Raffles University Fashion House is the Raffles University Fashion Design Student Club. The students from Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) and Diploma in Fashion Design will have automatically become a member of the club once they enrolled in the RU’s Fashion programmes.

In this workshop, the president of the fashion house was the moderator while the vice president introduced briefly about the Fashion House to the participants.

What is Fashion Angpao?

Angpao is the direct translation of 红包 – a red packet given by parents or elder relatives during Chinese New Year(CNY). Fashion AngPao was the idea that was created by RU Fashion students when they were given the tasks to organise the workshop. The students combine the concept of origami (Japanese Folded Paper) and AngPao to create a unique AngPao in 2021.

If you are interested in creating a fashion Angpao, you may also follow the live demonstration below ( The video is shot in Chinese as the workshop was conducted in Chinese). After creating the paper dress, you can use different colour papers or fabrics to decorate the paper dress to make it a unique fashion angpao.

The students also shared their study experiences as a Raffles University Fashion Students with the participants. Some of them were sharing the reason they selected Fashion Design Programme and some of them share the benefits and challenges of being a Fashion Design students.

The whole workshop is guided by Ms Jennifer KONG, the Programme Director of the Fashion Design Department. The students went through a few times of practices and rehearsals to ensure the workshop is well organised and engaging.  The participated members of Fashion House were as below.

  1. Au Jie Min- Moderator
  2. Winnie Shang  – Live Demonstration/ Introduction of Fashion House
  3. Voon Hui Joon – Introduction to Workshop
  4. Leong Siow Ling – Live Demonstration
  5. Nicole Soo Ying Ying (BFD) – Assistant
  6. Jace Yeo Ke Rou (BFD) – Assistant

Each of the students will be awarded with PDS point as credit for their organisation and participation.

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