Raffles International Students’ Study Life in Malaysia

We have invited 3 Raffles International Students to share their thoughts of study life in Malaysia. The 3 students are:

  1. Julian Bin Johan Bechler, Germany/Malaysia, Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
  2. Abu Huraira, Pakistan, Bachelor of Supply Chain Management (Honours)
  3. Destiny Aghatise, Nigeria, Bachelor of Graphic Design (Honours)

Check out their sharings below


Julian: Hi Guys, I am Julian Bachler, I am a current student at Raffles University, I am taking the degree in Business Administration.

Abu Huraira: Hello Freinds, I am Abu Huraira from Pakistan. I joined Raffles University in 2020 January Intake and my programme is Bachelor of Supply Chain Management.

Destiny: My name is Destiny, I am from Nigeria. I am studying Graphic Design at Raffles and I come in September 2019.

1. What is your study experience at Raffles University?

Julian: Why do I study in Raffles,? Firstly, in Raffles, you have a comfortable environment, to study at an atmosphere in the class, you don’t feel tense, you don’t feel the pressure, you don’t really force to learn something you don’t like. the teacher also very interactive, to interact with the student, the group activities, the group work that makes you in a way be more involved in the classroom. students are always here, the fellow classmates are always there to help, when I get stuck in the assignment, or homework or anything like that. if I don’t understand something, my fellow classmates are always there to help, which I really like

Abu Huraira: Study in Raffles University is a good opportunity because the teacher here is very qualified and expert in their fields and they are currently linked with the industry. Most of them have done the PhD. So they are very nice to give you broad knowledge.

Destiny: Study at Raffles has been great of all. I have met great lecturers and classmates from different backgrounds and the environment of the student is great overall.

2. What is it like to stay and study in Malaysia?

Julian: My Malaysia life is very simple and beautiful. We have here a lot of cultures so you don’t really feel left out from your ethnic background. You don’t feel like “Okay, I am feeling uncomfortable, engaging, and interacting with people. In fact, in Malaysia, actually very easy to make a friend. The people here are very open if you come toward them, and be like “Hey, I need help in finding direction.” or “Hey, I am new in town, like, can you help me around?”, or “Can we go here and there?”. The Malaysian is always here to help. the people here are very open culture.

Abu Huraira: My experience in Malaysia so far has been very amazing because the food, the people and there have like different hot spots for tourism. So, you can enjoy different thing especially the food is so nice if you want to try new food.

Destiny: My life in Malaysia is enjoyable. There is a lot of different things to try, the people are welcoming. The weather is pretty good as well.

3. Share a message to someone who wishes to study abroad.

Julian: My message towards the fellow people out there or my friends is, I understand coming to a foreign country may be taking a big risk or you’re afraid to, but through my experience, it is something worth doing. you know, in Raffles, you gain a unique experience and at the end of the day, you know you actually realise you are enjoying it.

Abu Huraira: My message to people will be like, you should definitely choose Malaysia and Malaysia doors are always open for our students.

Destiny: Message to my friends, even though the time might be stressful right now, the learning environment is a little different, but there are lecturers there to help when you need it. So, there is nothing to stress.

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