Aktshara A/P BALA SUPERMINAM is selected to be the Maybank Student Ambassador ( #Mbassador )! She has made it through all the stages from 605 participants and now in it along with 133 participants from various universities.

Aktshara (Linkedin @AktsharaBalasuperminam) is the Raffles students of Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours). She is also the president of Raffles University Business Club (RUBC). She actively participates in various activities to build her leadership skill. She took the initiative to participate in the Maybank Student Ambassador Programme (#Mbassador) in January 2021.

The Maybank Student Ambassador Programme (#Mbassador) is a 12-months student development and mentorship programme . Maybank aims to develop selected student #Mbassadors and polish skills amongst undergraduates nationwide. The selected #Mbassador will bridge the collaboration between the Maybank and respective University. (Visit @Roaring Career for more information

Hence, Aktshara is now the official #Mbassador that represents Raffles University.

The selected #Mbassador will receive the below benefits:

According to Aktshara, she had to participate in multiple assessments and challenges of the #Mbassador programmes to show her capabilities and skills. As shown in the video snippets below, the participants had to act out a commercial advertisement with the respective team given and time frame. Their team created an advertisement for the new product ” Knees & Toes” of the Head & Shoulder company.

(source from Roaring Career )


How do you feel after you are being selected as #Mbassador?
I definitely feel truly grateful and proud as being the ONLY one representing my university and appointed as a Maybank #Mbassador. I am so excited to embark on this amazing self-discovery journey with my fellow #Mbassadors along from various universities and to keep learning new things!

What made you participate in this programme?
It’s definitely the prestigious and prominent platform being offered itself, made me join this programme. It’s all about the endless learning and knowledge that I’ll be able to obtain encouraged me to participate in it. The fruitful experience being given as a lifetime opportunity will allow me to step outside of my comfort zone and unleash my potential to serve the best of all for my university and society.

What challenges did you face throughout the #Mbassador selection process?
All the participants were equally talented and good! To bring it to your view, the assessments were totally not based on our academic performances. It was more towards bringing the complete inner me to the audience and panel of judges. There were over 205 shortlisted candidates to compete along. Thus, I had to really give outstanding and impressive performances throughout all the assessments to showcase my talents and skills. However, all the challenges and trials for weeks were totally worth it!

What is your goal in this #Mbassador programme?
My goal is to soar higher and roar louder like the Maybank tiger!! I’m going to keep challenging myself as if I don’t, I will never know what I’m capable of! Truly looking forward, to shape my mind and skills with wider inputs, and expand my network. I will strive to continuously ROAR on every occasion with pride, knowledge and conviction!

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