Falling into a Dream

Designer: CHEN Lek Yee
Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)

How people dream? Dreams are hallucinations that take place in the processes of sleeping. It is the fragment of images or stories that created in our mind during the phase of sleeping. The initial concept of the collection is inspired by the lucid dream. What is lucid dreaming be like? The concept of lucid dreaming is achieved when the individual is in a unique dreaming state that he has a clear mind-set that he is dreaming and has the ability to control the dream. Dream become one of a medium for modern people to deliver their most inner thought.

‘Falling into a Dream’ is an autumn/ winter womenswear collection for 2020. With the beginning of the inspiration, lucid dream, the designer attempt to create a collection with full of fantasy and feminine elements. It is a collection with 8 outfits and matching accessories. ‘Falling into a Dream’ is narrating a sweet and romance love story for every girl that they had dreamt before. As the way to increase an object’s value, the collection had shown the designer’s effort with the delicate workmanship and the distinct design for every pieces of garment from the collection.