Raffles Designer: Tan Pei Yi
Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)
Module: Major Project 
Because of the corrupted and polluted world today. I realize that the world need a change or cleansed. Because of us, the agent of everything on earth. The world is dying beneath and surface. Ices Mountains are one of it, at places like arctic are melting which threaten our survivor slowly. We not only corrupt the future generation’s mind but also the earth’s nature. Our convenient has cause the world’s health. Fast development and industrial development that is done by us ‘humans’ are the main reasons the ice are melting. The glaciers that had an important niche in our environment. We cannot let it all go away because of our actions. If they go away, we will too. Melting can cause many effects on the world. Like sea level will rise, the temperature will also rises, artic animal habitat lost and some place will be flooded. Thus, I want to bring out my message with  my collection that a small step like protecting the glaciers can be a big step to save not only the world but also the future of the world