Programme: Graphic Design

Visual Studies

Visual Studies Designers: LEE Wan Tin, LEE Ye Hong, LOW Jing Yao, TEO Bi Yun, TEO Li Ting, LEE Wan Yu, FOO Kai Ling, WONG Zi KiSupervised by: Dr Tirani  Design works of the exhibition produced by students contain both digital and manual techniques. Students were practicing techniques such as Cut-Out paper, Mark-Making, Monoprint and …

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RUO JI RUO LI 若即若离 Designer: TAN Shu XianBachelor of Graphic Design (Honours)Module: Publication DesignSupervised by: Mr WONG Shaw Chiang ‘RUO JI RUO LI’ (若即若离)is a book that is specially designed for her mother. The story of the book is sentimental and inspiring. It aims to investigate and illustrate the relationship between her mother and her …

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Mission Red In Silence

Mission Red In Silence Designer: NG Sin YeeDiploma in Visual CommunicationModule: Publication DesignTopic: Small but Great/Powerful Blood – the liquid that gives a fearful impression, but it carries a crucial non-stop duty in silence. The donation of blood can save thousands of lives. Yet, the nation still lacks voluntary donors, especially those aged from 18 – …

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Escape of Screw

Escape of Screw丝奔 Designer:TAN Wei MinDiploma in Visual CommunicationModule: Publication DesignTopic: Small but Great/Powerful The screw crucial in our daily life. They never stop working, even when they are rusted. Do you think the life of a screw is similar to a human’s life? This book illustrates a story about a screw who never rest. …

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SMALL BUT GREAT/ POWERFUL Designer: CHO Jia Sin, CHOW Zhi Ying, LIM Yan Qin, LIM Zi Hui, Michele LIM, NG Sin Yee, TAN Wei MinDiploma in Visual CommunicationModule: Publication DesignSupervised by: Ms YennyHave you ever observed/ realised that there is a lot of tiny item/moment that contributes greatly in our daily life?Raffles Designers took the …



Thermemoter Designer: CHEW Ming LeBachelor of Graphic Design (Honours) The publication aims to deliver the story of the elderlies’ loneliness after retirement. Inspired by the animated movie, Toy Story, the story of the lonely old folks will be spoken via the perspective of furniture and daily items in house The storyline is distributed into 4 section …

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Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration Lecturer: Dr Tirani Diploma in Visual Communication Module: Digital Illustration Intake: September-December 2020

Again but better

Again but Better Designer: Merlisa TODiploma in Visual Communication (Honours)Module: Final ProjectSupervised by: Ms TAN Yean Ne“Again But Better” tells a strory of depression and anxiety that interfere with daily life. “Again” in this books means depression and anxiety will non-stop attacking everyone in daily life and “But Better” which means even when depression and …

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Harrish Krishnan

RU JASS Student Name: Harrish KrishnanFaculty of BusinessJournal of Arts & Social Sciences, Vol 4, Issue 1, 31-44 (2020)Keywords:Organizational Justice, Organizational Justice Perception, Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, Interactional Justice, Job Satisfaction The Relationship Between Organizational Justice Perception and Job Satisfaction in Small and Medium Enterprises Employee performance is always the direct factor that would affect …

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MilKIT Travel Pack Designer: TONG Wei ShuiDiploma in Visual Communication (Honours)Module: Packaging Design This project requires the designer to design a set of beverage package include 5 items. Her topic is to design a travel pack for baby milk powder. The company is named MilKIT. It is a travel pack that contains necessary items of …