Programme: Multimedia Design


AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) / VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) INSTALLATION Designer: Calvin, Jadsel, Jia Sheng, Jigyun, Merilyn, Ming Qi, Peggy, Vincent, Qi HengBachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours)Module: Major Studio Project 3Supervised by: Mr Alex TANAugmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are expected to be the trend of 2021 in design and business industry. Raffles Multimedia Designers …



OCTAVE Designer: Mikhail Conrad ROBERTOBachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours) OCTAVE – Bridging light and sound. OCTAVE is an interactive sound, and visual-based installation, It will react to sounds you make, or music you play, and display a dynamic visual based off of the input. It utilizes programs that crate projection maps around 3D object mounted …

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Magpie Bridge

Magpie Bridge Designer: FOO Yee QiBachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours)  This is an interactive table installation about the ancient love story in China is Cowherd and Weaver (牛郎织女). In order to form the magpie bridge, two players are required to hold their hands and find the paired stars. When they touched the paired stars, the …

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Motion Graphic – Count Down

Graphic Motion – Count Down Raffles Multimedia DesisgnersBachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours) These Motion Graphics are created by Raffles Multimedia Designer who completed their studies in 2019-2020

Tangan Press

Tangan Press Raffles Designer: Kang Wan Syuen Bachelor of Graphic Design (Honours) “Tangan Press” is Raffles Graphic Designer, Kang Wan Syuen’s effort to discover Chinese craftspeople in Johor Bahru.

Colour Theory

Colour Theory Raffles DesignersGraphic DesignModule: Colour Theory Can you match the artworks and the colours🎨 they represented?- Colours of Kyoto – Colours of Chefchaouen – Colours of Larung Gar – Colours of Guanajuato

Conceptual Magazine Layout Design

Conceptual Magazine Layout Design Raffles Designer: Mikhail Roberto ConrodMultimedia DesignModule: Conceptual Magazine Layout Design Students were challenged to use only basic design elements such as dots, lines, shapes, textures, colours and typeface to create conceptual visual representation for a magazine cover.

Flying Food

Flying Food Raffles Designer: Koay Calvin, Jedsel Yong Jae Den, Koh Jia Sheng,Lim Jig Yun,Law Qi Heng, Tan Shu XianGraphic DesignModule: Digital Photography Presenting the artworks of Raffles Designers from the module of Digital Photography

Vegetable Anatomy- Corn-Ocromy

Vegetable Anatomy- Corn-Ocromy Raffles Designer: Roberto Mikhail Conrod ; Mak Yan Wen ; Foo Yee Q ; Lai Fui YeeGraphic Design; Multimedia DesignModule: Graphic Design and Communication Studio Students were challenged to conduct a mini exhibition to showcase the anatomical beauty and uniqueness of selected vegetables.

Space 2 Space

Space 2 Space Raffles Designer: Carina Lim Bachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours) Module: Interactive InstallationCarina Lim, a Multimedia Designer at Raffles University Iskandar, shows us her process of creating an Interactive Installation for her Major Studio Project 3 module.