Raffles Professional Development




The Centre of Professional Development (CPD) department solely focuses on working with students to assimilate them gradually into the industry through

  • Projects
  • Professional Attachments (Internship)
  • Industry Research
  • Exhibitions
  • Award & Competitions
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Career and Professonal Development

Besides, CPD assists Raffles students to seek for their Professional Attachment (internship) opportunity. CPD will provide internship briefing and sharing sessions for the students before beginning the stages of the internship. CPD will also guide them until the students finish their internship. With the intricate knowledge of the industry, we are able to maximise our training to ensure a constant flow of competent professionals into the industry. In addition, our students are able to find jobs of their choice. In this way, we fulfil the career goal of our students and cater to the needs of the industry.


RU CPD actively seeks the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners. CPD always invites industry partners to share their industry insights through seminars or workshops to prepare our students to be industry-ready. We cultivate our students with professional development skills and provide resources to support them in future careers. By forging an extensive strategic alliance with the industry, our team at CPD provides a seamless interface between industries and our students, opening a world of career opportunities for them.

Suraj A/L Mariappan
Centre of Professional Development (CPD)

Email: surajmariappan@raffles-university.edu.my


Raffles Family


In Raffles University, graduating from RU does not mean the end of the relationship between the graduates and Raffles University. We treat every RU graduate as part of the Raffles Family by working closely with the RU Alumni.

Raffles University Alumni Association helps to maintain the relationship with the RU Alumni. It is compulsory for graduates of Raffles University to sign up to be a part of Raffles University Alumni, and they are always invited to RU to share their insights.