31.10.2021 marks the 10th year of Raffles University!

Raffles University was formally approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) on 31st October 2011. Since then, the University has developed to be a 5-faculty university that includes the Faculty of AI & Robotics, Faculty of Arts & Design, Faculty of Built Environment and Regenerative Design, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Social Sciences. The University now offers 23 accredited programmes, and we expect more programmes coming soon.

In the last ten years, the University’s philosophy – “Doing while Learning and Learning while Doing” has been applied in every aspect of students’ learning journey. Students practice their learning from experiential learning and engagement in industry-based projects.  Our graduates and industry partners pursue academic development while they are working on their professions.

Students are engaged with various competitions and industry-based projects to unleash creative and innovative capabilities. We have achieved outstanding achievements in various events and awards such as London Fashion Show, Ignite Showcase, Entrepreneurship Weeks, etc. [ Click here to view all achievements]

In 2019, when the pandemic hit, Raffles University took immediate action to move to the virtual classroom. The academics of Raffles University have implemented a pedagogically designed online learning model and hybrid learning model that enable students to adapt to virtual learning. Students have developed digital skills and virtual teamwork and leadership from the learning experience. These are observed from active participation and organisation in all kinds of virtual exhibitions, presentations, seminars and competitions, and of course the winning of awards from the virtual competition and conference for students and academic team.  We learned, applied and excelled in our learning journey from the experience.

To step into advanced technology, Raffles University has engaged with blockchain technology for a digital certificate. Graduates will no longer receive hard copy certificates. Instead, they will be given a file and link to Accredify. Employers and other Universities can use the link to verify the authenticity of student transcripts and certificates.

In 2021, Raffles University launched Micro-Credential Courses intending to promote life-long learning. With Micro-Credentials, the learner will have a choice for Credit Bearing or Professional Courses. The courses not only increase the competency and versatility of the learner but also provide an alternative learning pathway for the learners to acquire the knowledge and skills demanded in the market.

Raffles University is excited about the upcoming future, and we are glad that you are with us on this journey.

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